How to add custom Bottom Navigation in webviewer

What is the Bottom navigation bar in the Android Application

It is an implementation of material design bottom navigation. Bottom navigation bars make it easy for users to explore and switch between top-level views in a single tap. They should be used when an application has three to five top-level destinations.

What is Thumb-driven design

We first heard of the term “thumb-driven design” from Vitaly Friedman. It’s based on Steven Hoober’s and Josh Clark’s research on how people hold their devices.

The gist of it is that in nearly every case, three basic grips were most common. 49% held their phones with a one-handed grip, 36% cradled the phone in one hand and jabbed with the finger or thumb of the other, and the remaining 15% adopted the two-handed BlackBerry-prayer posture, tapping away with both thumbs, states Josh Clark. Steven Hoober had found that 75% of users touch the screen with only one thumb. Hence, the term thumb-driven design.

There are three main ways in which we hold our phones.

In 2016, Samantha Ingram wrote an article named “The Thumb Zone: Designing For Mobile Users” which further explores these ideas. She defined easy-to-reach, hard-to-reach, and in-between areas.

Thumb-zone mapping explained by Samantha Ingram

However, I would agree, that with increasing phone sizes, the mapping has shifted a bit:

New thumb-zone mapping adjusted to larger screen sizes

When the phones were small, most areas were easy to reach. As our screens got bigger, the top part became virtually impossible to touch without adjusting your phone. From the example above, we can see where the most expensive screen real estate is. Yet, it’s often neglected on web pages. How can we fix this?

Bottom Navigation Pattern

Every now and then, the bottom navigation pattern pops up on the web. The idea itself is quite simple: move the navigation bar further down.

Positioning the navigation bar at the bottom makes it easier for users to click on the menu icon, while secondary items can be moved to the top. Basically, you simply switch the order. Mobile apps have been using this logic with the tap bar pattern. It’s not a new idea in itself, but it’s still not as popular in web design as it is in app design.

This is not a foolproof solution since it raises a few critical questions, but it’s a worthy alternative.

Learn how you can easily you can add a custom Bottom Navigation menu in Kodular android applications.

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